Sunday, November 30, 2008

Classes for Spring 2009

I think that this class is very important for everyone to take because it really helps to prepare you for the future. During this class you will create different documents that will be helpful when preparing for the business world such as resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and etc. We had one big project during this class which was a client project. During this project we created a portfolio containing a proposal of an idea that could be implemented into a business and then we created the idea that our proposal contained. This project was a great way to experience things that are faced in the business world. We had to all work as a team to come up with an idea, create the proposal for it, and then create the idea that we decided upon. I think that this is a great class for you to take if you take it for the purpose of helping you prepare for your future.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Client Project

I have enjoyed working on this client project. It has been very informative for me, and it will be knowledge that I will be able to take into the work field. When working with my team members I learned how important it is to get every ones input and ideas. That way when the project is finalized it will actually be a team product not just an individuals. The biggest challenge was working with every ones schedule in order to get the project completed. It helped so much being able to have class work times, because it would have been impossible had we not of had this class time. The best thing about this project was learning how to create the proposal and that process. This information can be used in any work field, so it is important to already be familiar with it, for future assignments. All group projects are always different, but it is important to remember that every ones opinion is important and that it is vital for everyone to work together.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dual Coding

It is important for designers to consider Dual Coding during their sketch and drawing process, because Dual Coding is all about how we respond to ads. In my personal opinion this Nike ad is not very appealing. When I read the text I can read and understand it, but it is not very attractive or catching. It does not draw me in and make me want to continue. Then when you look at the background, the colors are very dull and the letters are stark red. I think that the wall appears dirty and old. I also think that the picture is of a gym wall or a locker room, but I am not sure. I understand that Nike is trying to appeal to those that play "locker room" sports, but there is a wide range of people that wear Nike. I wear Nike and I do not play sports. I think that this ad is not very effective in gaining the attention of those customers or soon to be customers that do not relate with a sport or a locker room. I may have read way too much into this ad, but I do not feel that it is the type of ad that would make someone say, "hey, I want to go buy a pair of Nike's."

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Right at this moment, I can not think of any miscommunication that has happen in my office setting, that I have been made aware of. I do know though that miscommunication in the work place can occur very easily if everyone does not work together and communicate effectively. There can be situations in which a miscommunication can result in poor work skills, but it can also result in hurt emotions. A co-worker may say something, not realizing that the other person is hurt and effected by the words. It is very important that everyone realize that whether it be in the work place, in daily life, or anywhere that miscommunication can affect any part of our lives. It is vital that we think about what we say so that miscommunication will not be a result of a lack of communication.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection Process

Before my mock interview I did not feel very nervous, because being nervous will just cause you to sike yourself out. Being nervous does nothing to help you. Most of the questions that were discussed I felt comfortable with, but there was one question that through me for a loop. It was asking about educational journals, which I have never heard of nor have I read. I did not respond to this question and then Mrs. Rogers explained to me how I should answer this question in the future. I am glad that I was asked this though because now I will be prepared for this question. It is important to have these mock interviews so that in the future I will be more prepared. If I could do this interview I would be a little more prepared. I would actually like to have the mock interview again just for the practice. I learned that you can never be too prepared. Going into the interview I thought that I would be okay because I know a lot about working with children and my major, but these interviews make you see that there is so much for me about my major and my passion.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


This week we were able to see many interesting presentations. I really enjoyed all of them but my 3 favorites were Rob's, Case's, and Katie's. I thought that Rob's presentation was hilarious. I have never seen anyone do a presentation like this, but it was both informative and funny. I thought that Case's presentation was very informative and interesting. I have never known why our state flag had the palmetto tree and half crescent moon, so it was neat to learn the history behind it. I enjoyed Katie's presentation and loved the Lemon Bars. I am excited to now have the recipe and will definitely be making them very soon! I enjoyed this week of presentations and I think that everyone did a great job.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Write

As senior year approaches it really makes me think about future jobs, and what to do now that will help me in the future. It is so scary to think that in about a year I will be student teaching and then I will have to have a job lined up for the next school year! Wow, is that stressful. I have been in many situations in which I have had to go through an interview and I think that it is great because you can never have enough experience with preparing for interviews. I am looking forward to the upcoming interview because, as the others, this will help to keep me on focus and task as far as what I should be prepared for in the near future. I hope that when I go into the real world looking for a job, that the interview process will be a pleasant one, but it definitely will not hurt to get as much experience with interviews as I can under my belt now.